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my 21st uploads (PART THREE-A)

edit: i've split this part into two!! how can you split a part? simple, the rest can now be found in PART THREE-B! i felt the need to split it to try to help anybody that may have problems loading so many youtube previews on one page.

for previous uploads (and an explanation of what i'm uploading and why), see PART ONE and PART TWO. this part contains ARTISTS 11 & 12:

11. misc. H!P groups ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
12. nakashima mika ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

the further i go down the list the less i seem to be able to narrow down my favorite PV's. so it took me longer to make this post because (as you can see by the number of hearts above) i uploaded more PV's than usual. ^^;

Morning Musume Sakura Gumi / モーニング娘。さくら組
Morning Musume Otome Gumi / モーニング娘。おとめ組
Sexy Otonajan / セクシーオトナジャン
Aa! / あぁ!

okay, some may think it's cheating that i'm fitting more that one group here. but i'm only doing it because these are one-shot groups, meaning that they didn't do more than one or two singles/PV's, and won't do more in the future either. since it'd be silly to name them as a favorite artist based on their only song/PV yet i like them enough to want to include them here, i thought it'd be best for me to count them all as one artist!

download: [PV] morning musume sakura gumi - hare ame nochi suki (sub)
size: 72.42 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: for a little while, morning musume split into two groups (sakura & otome) so that they could perform at separate concerts simultaneously. each group has a distinctive style. during their time, each group came out with two singles and had mild success. i like both groups for their different qualities, and all of their songs are great! this is sakura gumi's first single. it's a bitter sweet song, featuring some of the best vocals in morning musume at the time. i only have the PV subtitled, so apologies if that bothers anyone. ^^;

download: [PV] morning musume sakura gumi - sakura mankai
size: 104.44 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is their second single, which i like for its authentic japanese feeling. the music is soothing and the vocals are great. the PV is also absolutely beautiful, if you like the traditional japanese style (which i do...give me musume girls in yukata anyday! risa looks particularly fitting in the costume). in fact, i think this PV is so pretty that i recommend the alternate version (sakura nedeshiko version), which excludes the dance and walking shots so that all you see is the lovely shots of them in yukata. ^_^ i'll upload it if anyone requests!

note: abe natsumi graduated just after recording their first single, so she doesn't appear in this one.

download: [PV] morning musume otome gumi - ai no sono ~touch my heart!~
size: 60.25 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: as much as i love sakura gumi's soothing style, otome gumi's music is the one that tends to stick with me throughout the day. although this song has more of reina's vocals than i usually care to hear, it's fun and has a good beat! fun song to wake you up early in the morning. i especially love the seizure-like move they do in the beginning (where they all shake in turn). xD

download: [PV] morning musume otome gumi - yuujou ~kokoro no busu niwa nara nee~
size: 102.63 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: otome gumi's second single! i admit that the first time i heard this, i didn't know what to think. it seemed all over the place. and you can tell that this group can't match the vocal range of sakura gumi...yet they found a good place where they don't have to strain to sing notes they can't carry, instead they use what they can do to it's maximum (even sayumi's part is good, though i saw a performance where she did it better). so now...i enjoy it very much!! :D especially after having the subtitled version, i like the message it carries. it's about not caring about what other people think. i can upload the subtitled version if anyone requests it!

download: [PV] aa! - first kiss
size: 41.59 mb type: .avi quality: okay
comments: this is a one-shot group that really should have done more. it consists of tanaka reina (morning musume), suzuki airi (ºc-ute) and natsuyaki miyabi (berryz koubou, but poor miyabi doesn't get nearly as many lines as the other two), and they came together to do a song that blew me away. apart from the clean vocals that airi puts in here (like i've said before on a song she did with ºc-ute, this song just wouldn't be the same without her), there's something about the way the tempo changes that just gets you into this song.

download: [PV] salt 5 - get up! rapper (link updated)
size: 39.93 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: during the summers, H!P members take part of an activity called summer shuffles. members of different groups are shuffled to form 3 one-shot groups that come out with one single and one PV each. :] this is my absolute favorite shuffle group, salt 5! it consists of kago ai, ogawa makoto, maeda yuki, abe natsumi and matsuura aya (that's 2 soloists and 3 members of morning musume at the time...i say at the time because they have all since graduated from morning musume). as you may have guessed by the title, this song is done in a rap-style. of course, it sounds nothing like real's so much better!! if all rap was more like this, maybe i'd be into it. ;D especially with my aibon in lead vocals! listen to the way she raps (she's the only one not wearing a cap/bandana), isn't she great? all i can say is this song is so much fun, you have to download it. and listen up for the line that goes, "banana chip chip chip chip.." also, one of the girls is an enka singer (traditional japanese singing), i dare you to pick her out of the lot!

download: [PV] sexy otonajan - onna, kanashii, otona
size: 95.02 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: a lot of people said that they didn't like the 2005 shuffles, or that elegies was the only good one. however, i think they didn't take the time to appreciate this song! it's very mellow, but absolutely beeeeautiful. and of course, i'm happy any time mikitty gets to show off her voice. if you liked mikitty's voice in shining itoshiki anata (with country musume, which i uploaded in PART TWO), you should like this...and vice versa. it consists of fujimoto miki (morning musume, GAM, former soloist), murakami megumi (formerly of ºc-ute, now graduated) and natsuyaki miyabi (berryz koubou...yes, miyabi got chosen for another group! only this time she got more lines).


download: [PV] nakashima mika - crescent moon
size: 77.08 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: i've heard people say that they don't like mika because they find her music dull. now, call me crazy...but i don't think there's anything dull about this song. it's got a great beat! mika's voice and style may not be the usual pop style, but things are boring if everyone sounds the same. mika's voice is really good and she chooses music that best suits it. so give her a chance!

download: [PV] nakashima mika - heaven on earth
size: 57.87 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: mika....looks hot in a suit. granted, she looks hot in almost anything (she's model-thin, and so she ends up wearing some couture-like clothing in her PV's), but it really looks good on her. the song almost has an R&B feel to it yet it's distinctly mika's style, which is more or less jazzy. it's a catchy song, something i like to hear when i'm in a mellow mood. it's not a fast beat, but it's a good one. it's hard for me to explain, just give it a try!

download: [PV] nakashima mika - one survive
size: 87.85 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: here's another song that i think proves mika is not dull. just her style is a bit different doesn't mean she doesn't have some foot-tap worthy songs! i love this one, i sing along to it a lot. the PV is er...interesting. you can see lotus flowers in this, which isn't uncommon with mika PV's. she has a fascination with lotus flowers (also known as water lilies), so keep an eye out for lotus-related symbols in all her works.

download: [PV] nakashima mika - love addict
size: 81.39 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: i just realized that for me considering mika's style to be jazz, this is the only PV of hers i've uploaded with strong jazzy qualities. hm. oh well. at least it's a good one! :D i love the instrumentals in this, close your eyes and listen to them closely. on second thought, there's some great shots of her legs so maybe not. also, is it just me or does mika remind you of an asian angelina jolie in those shots where she's singing into the microphone? the bony arms, the arched eyebrows, the big lips, the straight black hair...right? lots of lotus flowers in this video too!

download: [PV] nakashima mika - yuki no hana
size: 92.08 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: one of nakashima's many ballads, and maybe my favorite. i don't really know, actually, it's sort of hard to decide between this one, hi no tori and seppun. the only reason why i chose to upload this one instead of the others is because it's probably her most popular ballad. also, yuki no hana struck me the first time i heard it, whereas the other two grew on me as i heard them more. it's a beautiful song, so give it a try if you don't mind ballads. actually, give it a try either way. :]

download: [PV] nana starring mika nakashima - hitoiro
size: 99.39 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: okay, so i uploaded this one not too long ago as part of my batch of NANA songs (in fact, this is the same link so let me know if it expires!). but i love it, i really do, so i had to include it. also, it was such a breath of fresh air to have a song like this after her latest singles (namely cry no more, all hands together and my sugar cat) where she had been veering into a weird R&B/gospel style, and i was quite frankly losing my faith in her. i've said this before but i'll say it again, mika certainly looks the part of NANA, but her music and singing voice don't match the character as much. however. whether or not this songs matches the style of the band it's supposed to be played by is irrelevant - this song can rock me all day and night. download it. that's an order.

note: my version doesn't have subtitles on it, but that's the only one i could find on youtube because they deleted the rest due to copyright crap. ¬_¬

p.s. i apologize for some of my files not being named properly (capitalization, decorative symbols such as the arrows in nami's daitan ni PV), i'm working on going through those and fixing them accordingly.

IMPORTANT: on PART ONE i had accidentally messed up the links for the two jiriri kiteru videos. ;-; but they're fixed now! so if you tried to download them before and couldn't, you should be able to now. do it quick before they expire!

links: if you have no idea what i mean by H!P / hello! project, see this. also, i've slightly changed the way i judge quality...i found that just "good" and "okay" were too general for me to categorize things as, so i'm now and - (sort of like school grades). for more details on this, see my FAQ.
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