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my 21st uploads (PART THREE-B)

for those of you that looked through PART THREE already, this part does not contain any new PV's. i simply decided to separate PART THREE into two posts. i noticed that the amount of youtube previews were slowing down loading time, even for me (and i have a fast connection). so i thought it might be better to split it into two posts. the rest can be found at PART THREE-A.

i am still uploading PV's for PART FOUR (the last part, which i may also have to split into two), please hold on a bit longer! ^^; it's just taking a while because i have to be considerate of slowing down my fiancé's connection when i upload. it's coming, though! also, i might use mediafire for the rest of my uploads, hope that's okay! i can upload 10 things at a time there, so that'll make things go faster.

this part contains ARTISTS 13-15:

13. otsuka ai ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
14. sweets ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
15. tamaki nami ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

there weren't a lot of downloads from these last few artists. :[ please consider downloading more! i highly recommend all of these artists, really! even if you don't want to download anything, try sharing the links with your friends in forums or something. more downloads keep me happy and motivated to upload more (and commenting helps that too)!

13. OTSUKA AI / 大塚愛

download: [PV] otsuka ai - frienger (wmv) | (mp4)
size: 29.71 mb | 39.56 type: .wmv | .mp4 (ipod-ready) quality: okay | okay
comments: this one is *not* subtitled, i just couldn't find a full version of the PV un-subbed on youtube. anyway, if anybody's not familiar with otsuka ai let me tell you....she's soooooooooo cute!!! xD this PV should convince you of that. it's so funny, and that's entirely due to her! she has a subtle way of being funny in a kawaii girly kind of way. you'll just have to watch, it's hard to explain. i apologize for not having an avi or mpg version. :/ well, actually i do have an AVI, but it's the short version of the PV which cuts out my favorite parts (like where she draws on the bowling ball). i'll upload it if anyone would like it, though.

download: [PV] otsuka ai - biidama
size: 121.12 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: again, *not* subbed but couldn't find one on youtube that wasn't. although i'm not crazy about the lighting of the PV, i still this it's super cute! i live for the parts where she says "peace sign," it's impossible for me not to do the peace signs along with her. xD see, otsuka ai is just irresistible. you'll find out.

download: [PV] otsuka ai - kingyo hanabi (sub)
size: 81.58 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this one *is* subtitled, although it has different subs than the youtube one. i wanted to put a song in here that showed that she's perfectly capable of doing serious songs. and she does them well. this is my absolute favorite PV of hers in this style (meaning, outside of her cutesy ones). the song is so mesmerizing...and the visuals to go with it are just beautiful. i highly recommend this one.

i like having subtitled versions, except that my non-subbed one is bad quality. so what i really want is a high quality version of this PV that's not subtitled. if you have this...*gets on knees* would you please upload it for me?

download: [PV] otsuka ai - sakuranbo (sub)
size: 38.94 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: subtitled, and this time the subs on youtube match the ones i have. ^_^ this is another one that's so cute! but it's more sweet than funny because it's a love song. i believe this was her break-through single (and her highest selling), so i'll let that speak for itself. :D

download: [PV] otsuka ai - smily (sub)
size: 86.43 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: subtitled, but i couldn't find one on youtube. this PV is hilaaaaarious! and the tune is so catchy. and you can't help but doing a peace sign along with her when she says, "yeah." the song and PV is obviously meant to bring silly happiness to anyone who hears it, so let it do it's magic! have fun with it! and do the peace sign!

14. SWEETS / SweetS

download: [PV] sweets - lolita☆strawberry in summer
size: 42.6 mb type: .mpg quality: okay -
comments: it's a group of young girl singers that's not H!P!! worth downloading just for that. haha, actually sweets is a group that i didn't win me over until i heard more from them. this was their debut single/PV, and although i can't say it's my favorite there's just something about it....i can't quite put my finger on it. their style of singing and dancing is more "pop" than i'm used to, and it's refreshing in a way. although i definitely think people should download this if they want to try sweets out, i think you should also download the rest of the ones i uploaded, as it shows how they grew and got better over the years before they disbanded.

download: [PV] sweets - countdown
size: 63.43 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: finally, a PV from sweets that's more involved (you'll notice from the rest of the ones i've uploaded here, their PV's usually revolve around the dancing)! there's a bit of a story to this PV. at least i think there's sort of dream-like, with bits of fairytales mixed in. a little strange i suppose, but i think it's fun. :D some people have commented about the song being lacking, but i don't agree. maybe it's not my absolute favorite, but i love the beat and when they go, "3, 2, 1!" they also each get a bit of a solo dance here, though miori (3rd to dance) and haruna (last to dance) get the best parts there.

download: [PV] sweets - sky
size: 88.48 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: the more i hear this the more i love it. it's very catchy, and cute but not too cute. a very good style for sweets, i think. sometimes i wish their dance moves weren't all synchronized down to the last gesture because it leaves little to no room for personal flare, but i guess it's their style as a group. doesn't take away from them in any case, i still thoroughly enjoy this PV. :D also, i may be biased because she's my favorite, but doesn't haruna (the one in shorts) have the best voice? just listen to her! she even gets the last solo line. she's great. also, look up lives on youtube...they're really good live!

download: [PV] sweets - grow into shinin' stars
size: 45.2 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: ahhh, another one i love! the dance here is one of my favorites by them, and the song is nice and uplifting too. unfortunately, i think the person who upped the video on youtube has a better version than i do. mine is good enough quality, but i theirs seems to be a DVD-rip, since it has that short intro bit at the beginning that i haven't seen before. in any case, the dance is great, the song is better, the PV is pretty (i like the blue colors and the observatory theme, and the way they combine different angles of the girls in one shot is pretty cool), haruna looks cute in her shorts/leg-warmers combo again, and gets lots of solo lines, so it's all-around greatness here!

download: [PV] sweets - on the way ~yakusoku no basho e~
size: 63.4 mb type: .avi quality: okay
comments: ahhh, yet another favorite! xD this is the song that convinced me to give sweets another chance. the PV isn't particularly exciting, but the dance is really nice and the song is greeeeeat!! two of the members weren't present during this single/PV (aya, one of the lead vocalists, and aki) because they took a break to study for their high school entrance exams. still, as long as haruna was in it i was happy, and i'm very glad that she got to do this great song as the only lead vocalist. aya and aki returned for two more singles, but sadly sweets disbanded soon after that. ;____;

also, there's a point around 2:25 that two of the girls (i believe miori and mai) pose as silhouettes of the two girls not present, as a sort of acknowledgement to them. isn't that sweet?

15. TAMAKI NAMI / 玉置成実

download: [PV] tamaki nami - heroine
size: 75.59 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is bryan's favorite nami PV/song! and with good reason. this song has a lot behind it, not just a good beat...but some sort of energy that makes you feel ready for anything. i guess that's the point of the song, so it does exactly what they wanted it to do. if you only download one of nami's PV's that i put up here, i say go for this's her most popular. and, like i said...for good reason.

download: [PV] tamaki nami - daitan ni ikimashou ↑heart & soul↑
size: 60.15 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: and this would be my favorite nami PV/song! this is probably tamaki's most fun-spirited work...both the song and the PV have qualities that we don't usually see form her. the song is uplifting and playful, and the PV is light and fun and full of dancing under the sun! there's a definite summer vibe in there and though i hate summer, i have to say i wouldn't mind getting in there and dancing with her. i also had a dream that had this song in it...i don't remember it very well, but bryan and i were dancing to it and we were having a great time, so i have that great (albeit false) memory to associate with it. :] also, her hair looks amazing here, i wish she'd wear it like that more often! i like the outfit with the purple top, too.

note that the beginning and ending of this PV have a little comment from the choreographer. it's sweet, but it gets annoying hearing it every time. if you plan to play this on your ipod, good! itunes has a setting that lets you pick the exact time to play and stop the video, just right-click and choose "get info" and look for that option. if i ever find a version without those parts, i'll be sure to upload it!

download: [PV] tamaki nami - believe
size: 72.11 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is the song that got me into nami! :D it was on a CD full of PV's i bought from a nice girl. there was something about this song that drew me, even though i didn't think that nami was particularly pretty or that she had a particularly good voice (though i've since changed my mind, i think she's both). this song almost has a eurobeat-like quality to it, i think. but better! i like the beat a lot. the dance is actually pretty cool too, though the black jumpers don't do much for it. actually, is it just me or would nami have looked 10x better wearing anything but that. it resembles a garbage bag. someone fire the wardrobe person! it's also apparently the opening theme of gundam seed, but who cares. nami rocks with or without anime.

download: [PV] tamaki nami - fortune
size: 60.36 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is another PV of nami's that seems to be popular. :] i don't know what the reason for that is, but i'll give the reasons why i like it. for one, i didn't upload a lot of nami's PV's that are considered to be "her usual" style, so you can't really compare...but this one is a bit different. yes she dances, but this time she doesn't have like 10 back-up dancers. also, her outfit isn't as harsh. she's wearing tattered clothes (which look good on her, btw), but they're still not too serious. i also like the contrast of the black with the bright red/orange that's the main color of this PV. i also like the song, though it's hard for me to describe i'll put it this way. my mother asked me to make her a mix CD of my favorite music...when i thought of adding a nami song, i immediately thought of this one. it's...pleasant, i suppose. a type of song that i feel even my mother could enjoy.

check out PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE-A if you haven't already! ^^
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