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my 21st uploads (PART FOUR-A)

this is it! my 21 favorite artists post is coming to a close. please be sure to check out PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE-A and PART THREE-B as i've noticed the links still seem to be active.

this time i've uploaded PV's to either sendspace or mediafire, depending on the size of the file. this part includes ARTISTS 16-21:

16. tommy february6 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
17. tommy heavenly6 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥?
18. utada hikaru ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of included PV's by that artist

16. TOMMY FEBRUARY6 / Tommy february6

download: tommy february6 - ♡KISS♡ ONE MORE TIME
size: 43.95 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: i've finally come to tommy! ♥ i discovered her when i got curious about this artist bearing my birthday of "february 6" in her name (which turned out to be her birthdate also, so it makes sense...FYI, the "6" in her name(s) is completely silent). i have a soft spot for this PV and i don't know why. is it the passing UFO? is it the afro girls? is it the megaphone/microphone, the dancing dog/robots, the pink soccer balls, or the fact that tommy's nails actually spell out T O M M Y? or maybe it's all of that. on a random note, this PV coupled with her ready? PV as tommy heavenly6 made me theorize that tommy is not a very good at kicking things. it could be an act, but i have a feeling it isn't.

download: tommy february6 - bloomin'!
size: 110.07 mb type: .mpg quality: good -
comments: this PV has a sort of alice in wonderland theme...tommy style. it involves playing tennis against the 3 of spades (with a pink tennis ball, of course). i love this song, but i think i fell in love with it because tommy is so adorable in this video. just watch for the part after she says "so come on don't be shy." kawaii~!!

download: tommy february6 - je t'aime ★ je t'aime
size: 77.24 mb type: .,pg quality: okay +
comments: this PV seems to either be made using a sequence of pictures put together to make video, or large chunks of frames are taken out of actual video to make it look like it (which i think is more likely, since it'd require less time/ there a making of for this PV?). but anyway, tommy is her usual cute self. :D the sanrio characters little twin stars are featured prominently in this video, and there are more odd tommy-esque things going on in this video like cakes turning into phones. the song is probably one of my favorite from tommy's february6 persona! ^_^

download: tommy february6 - MaGic in youR Eyes
size: 101.51 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: this video is hilarious! xD mostly because of the 80's-style black guys showing up as her back-up dancers from time to time, followed by the word "FRESH" being pasted on (which looks like it could have been taken right off the fresh prince of bel-air opening sequence)! there's also priceless moments in this video like tommy taking a particularly long swig from her flask, and also her flying a toy UFO around a toy airplane. the song is very cute and happy, not to mention catchy. :D

download: tommy february6 - ♥lonely in gorgeous♥
size: 67.56 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is probably tommy's most well-know/popular song and PV, seeing as how it was the opening theme to the anime paradise kiss. i love the song too, but in my opinion some of the ones i above are better (even though this one is the best quality, being her most recent work as february6). i must note that the cop-chase scenes of this PV are a spoof of the bestie boys music video for "sabotage" (at least i think think that's the one). it's funny, but i mostly just think about how she should wear suits more often when i watch this. xD also, if you don't really like tommy february6's super-cute-pop style, this song doesn't have the usual overdose of sweetness. so give it a try if you've been resisting her!

17. TOMMY HEAVENLY6 / Tommy heavenly6

download: tommy heavenly6 - ready?
size: 40.17 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: now it's time for tommy's less cute-like-sanrio, more guitar-drums-&-eyeliner persona: tommy heavenly6!! mind you, her music is still pop, but it's not to the extremity of february6. anyway, this is one of two of her PV's that have the same style (and even share some of the same shots), the other being "+ gothic Pink+" (which i didn't upload because i promised myself not to upload more than 5 PV's per artist anymore). i had chose to upload this one of the two, but it was a hard decision. "+gothic Pink+" was my favorite for so long, but i guess i've grown to love this song more. and not only the song (which, by the way, is has a great beat and melody), the PV is so funny! for one, there's scenes of her playing tekken, then she clumsily runs around in skates, and in the scenes where she's sitting on a table she's wearing jeans with old-school batman on them (did i mention how much i LOVE this girl?), and there's a ghost that pops up here and there (who is also featured in "+gothic Pink+" along with a purse tommy wears in the shape of this ghost...which i wish SO BADLY could be reproduced and sold somewhere). okay, i'll have to stop talking about this PV now, i could go on and on about it.

p.s. my version does NOT have the intro screen (where it shows the title of the song), but if anyone has the verion i'd love to have it. &heart;

download: tommy heavenly6 - i'm gonna SCREAM+
size: 125.08 mb type: .mpg quality: good
comments: hahaha. she's done it again, i don't think she will ever fail to provide very random things happening in her videos (and i'll be very sad if she does). there are strange dolls that bounce to the beat (one of which is wearing glasses...i've read that is supposed to be february6, but i can't confirm that) that i believe are actual existing toys. tommy goes around eating and wrapping chocolate bars, and hacking at snowmen with a very large scythe. at the end she seems to have a sort of "final battle" with a knight. she successfully schythes him and he turns into candy, which she uses to fill up the base of her microphone (a toy microphone which you can also see her using in her PV's "wait till i can dream" as heavenly6 and "love is forever" as february6, go here for screen caps...or ask me nicely to upload them for you. :P).

download: tommy heavenly 6 - pray
size: 40.17 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: this PV is similar in look & feel to the "i'm gonna SCREAM+" PV (which makes me think she likes doing PV's in pairs, as this would be the 3rd pair of PV's that have similar styles). this time, though, tommy has become sort of a ghost hunter. she hangs out in a sort of carriage drawn by a bull (wearing awesome shoes with that kimono-style robe, i might add), and when she goes around a deserted town getting rid of these spirit-like entities with her katana. while eating takoyaki. at the end there's what seems like another boss battle (see "i'm gonna SCREAM+" for the other boss battle), an armored samurai that doesn't go down as easily as the others. agian, the enemy withers into candy and tommy finishes filling her microphone. :3

download: tommy heavenly6 - lollipop candy♥BAD♥girl (short ver.) | (full ver.)
size: 151.06 mb type: .mpg quality: good
comments: this is tommy's halloween single/PV! very halloween, but also quite awesome. there are two versions of this PV: long and short (though the short one is 5 minutes). the long version has a runtime of 10:31 (in homage the date, 10/31), and although some people would say this is too much, i say there is no such thing as too much tommy. i prefer the long version for several reasons.

download: tommy heavenly6 - heavy starry chain
size: 87.28 mb type: .avi quality: good -
comments: tommy's newest video! it has a sort of snow white theme (the song mentions something about a poisoned apple too, i think). i love the coffin costume (you'll see what i mean), it's funny...and the shaggy dog. oh, and the dark hair is a wig, she didn't go out and dye her hair like that. it looks good on her though!

18. UTADA HIKARU / 宇多田ヒカル

download: utada hikaru - traveling (sub)
size: 84.89 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: okay, this one certainly competes strongly for the position as my favorite hikki PV. it's so much fun, i never ever get tired of it. the song is just so catchy, but not annoying in any way shape or form. utada looks hot in wigs. and i like the dance moves/gestures she does here. there's also some scenes that are funny (like the robotic table-tennis). just watch it, it's great!! i apologize that the subbed version is all i have, but at least it's really good quality and the subs don't get in the way of the video.

download: utada hikaru - sakura drops
size: 99.3 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: ahh, this PV is quite interesting. the song is beautiful as well, but the PV just has so much in it. it's very surreal, has a great deal of digital effects, and is quite artistic. some things are a bit strange, but that's what surrealism is. i could watch this PV over and over and find something new every time. i recommend this one, but then i'm uploading my favorites i pretty much recommend everything, lol.

download: utada hikaru - colors (sub)
size: 56.02 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this has become my absolute favorite hikki song/PV!! i love it do death. and actually, this is one time that i say it's better to have the PV with subtitles (which is the one i've uploaded, as i don't have an un-subbed version), because it really helps to know what she is saying at the time she is singing it. the title of the song will become clear to you after you watch it. but i couldn't find a youtube video of this PV subbed, so you're just going to have to download it. ;]

download: utada hikaru - passion
size: 70.02 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: i have to admit that the animation sequence is the best part of this PV. it's gorgeous, and a bit mesmerizing. well, okay the dress hikki wears is pretty cool too...but you don't see it too often. the rest of the PV is supposed to be very spectacular (as i remember hearing that this video was allowed one of the highest budgets ever known for a PV), but i can't say that i find it to be more spectacular than say "traveling" or "sakura drops." in any case, the song is beautiful and hypnotic, and so i happily watch this PV over and over just for hikki's amazing voice. she really puts the right emotion into this. as most people know, this song (or rather a remix of it) is used for the square-enix (+ disney) game, kingdom hearts II.

download: utada hikaru - flavor of life -ballad ver.-
size: 99.3 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: hikki's latest! although i can't deny that it's a very nice song that's really very deep if you listen to her voice carefully, i'm a bit underwhelmed. mostly because i'm waiting for hikki to come out with something that will completely blow me away, like "COLORS," or something that's fun yet not cheesy, like "traveling." the PV is also underwhelming, as it's another PV in the sea of PV's out there that take place in the recording studio. but this single of her has been a big success so far, so that should speaks for itself.

i profusely, profusely apologize in advance for taking so long to get this out. truthfully, i've long since had all the PV's's the comments about each of the videos that takes me forever to do! ><

in fact, i've been doing comments on and off for about a week and a half. after finishing comments of 1 or 2 videos i'd get like a writers block...and i'm not writing like a friggen essay or anything! how sad. in any case, i realized that i'm leaving tomorrow (i'm going to texas for a conference) and i won't be back until the 18th, so i freaked and thought, "OMG, i'm not gonna finish the stupid post until i get back in mid-march" and something magic happened - i finished the rest of the comments in like 5 minutes.

so they're a bit rushed (starting from tommy's "heavy starry chain"), but it's better than nothing. PART FOUR-B (the official final part) will come after i get back on the 18th of march. i might be able to work on it during my trip, but i won't promise anything because i don't want to disappoint. again, i have all the videos uploaded, i just need to do the comments...which takes 50x longer than uploading does.

alright, enjoy guys! feel free to share the links with anybody, because i ♥ downloads!
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