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5 jpop PV's; 4 h!p PV's + 1 making of

these are five PV's that i've never seen uploaded on any other jpop communities. hopefully someone will be glad i upped them. :] also, i did screen caps today!! mostly because i feel guilty for dropping them somewhere along the way. ^^; it's just faster to do links-only. maybe i should look for someone to share this community with, to help me take screen captures and also to share their own PV collection. O_O

that's if anybody would be interested. probably not. oh well.

[PV] boa - rock with you
type: mpg size: 152.1 mb quality: good!
comments: i'm not really a fan of boa or her singing style (then why do i keep downloading her? maybe to try to figure it is other people see in her), but this is the first song of hers i've come across that i really loved. it's got an edge to it i didn't expect from her. and i love that she's all over the place! rock it, boa! if you had sticked to this style, i would like you more. also, the set where the dance takes place reminds me of a set from jet li's unleashed movie. i looked it up and there doesn't seem to be any relation. but there's random martial arts at the end of this video, so i'm note entirely convinced it's just a coincidence.

[PV] folder 5 - magical eyes
type: avi size: 40.9 mb quality: iffy
comments: i don't know if it's the quality of the video or if things went wrong starting from production, but as you can see from the screen captures, the lighting coupled with the white outfits doesn't work very well. i uploaded these two videos (see next video) because folder 5 rarely gets shared around in communities. and it's even more rare to find PV's. although i admit i don't really like this PV at all, when i closed my eyes i realized that it actually is a nice song. worth a download? that's up to you!

[PV] folder 5 - stay...
type: mpg size: 42.4 mb quality: so-so / okay
comments: i like this PV of theirs much better! mostly because it's easier on the eyes. hey, if i wasn't all about the visuals i wouldn't be addicted to PV's! it's a cute song, has some nice moves and pretty close-ups. it's a tad bit simplistic for my taste (and i wish the video quality was a bit better), but considering they're not very popular, i think it's acceptable. :] if you've been curious about these girls (like i'd been, this and the PV above are my first sample of folder 5), then give it a click!

[PV] otsuka ai - kingyo hanabi
type: mpg size: 35.1 mb quality: so-so / okay
comments: i might have wrote that the quality was "okay," except that this is an otsuka ai PV. she's extremely popular, i'm certain there's a better quality version out there somewhere. unfortunately, i don't have it. ><; and that makes me sad, because this is a very pretty song with very pretty PV, and i'm certain it would be one of my favorites if i could only fight a higher quality version! don't like my i-love-this-PV-so-much-i-want-it-in-perfect-quality behavior fool you though, it's definitely worth downloading if you like otsuka ai and you haven't seen this PV before. get it now!

[PV] ueto aya - afuresou na ai daite
type: avi size: 34.3 mb quality: good
comments: i'm surprised how infrequently people upload ueto aya PV's. she has a good voice and an interesting style. unfortunately, this isn't my favorite song by her, but all the pretty things to look at make it up to me! this PV is filled with pretty, refreshing visuals. and i have the feeling that it's the type of song that will grow on me, too. anyway, there isn't enough ueto going around, so you should take it while you can!

since the h!p PV's i uploaded were from answering requests, i don't have any screen shots, sorry. ^^; but if you want recommendations, definitely go for ambitious! if you haven't heard it before. it's a must!

[PV] country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) - shining itoshiki anata
type: avi size: 49.9 mb quality: good!
comments: okay, i lied! xD i did have screen captures for this one, but only because i had taken them as a quality check for the person i uploaded it for. if i had known i'd be making this post, i would have chosen better shots. :[ sorry! anyway, my hello! project tastes have recently started expanding into country musume (how could i have resisted another group featuring konkon and mikitty for so long?) and biyuuden. this song is not uwaki-caliber, but it certainly is very sweet and the PV is a big step up from the cg-background! they're wearing very cute outfits, i approve. if you're just wanting to sample country musume first, you should definitely look up uwaki na honey pie first (for the song more than the PV...though i think it's cute too)! this is a mellow american 50's type song, and i don't want you to get the idea that they're always like this. but if you're open to what i described, try it! :]

[PV] morning musume - ambitious! yashinteki de iijan
[PV] morning musume - ambitious! yashinteki de iijan (dance shot ver.)
[PV] morning musume - osaka koi no uta (dance shot ver.)
[MAKING] morning musume - namida tomaranai houkago

also, NEW AND IMPROVED PV LIST!! not really new and improved, just thought that would catch your attention. xD;; i added about 45 PV's that weren't there before! take a look, and feel free to request (as long as you don't go over-board)!
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