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request re-uploads here! [Sun, Mar 25th, 2007 at 1:59pm


[ mood | disappointed ]

NOTE: this post is only for people to request re-uploads from the following posts: 1, 2, 3-A, 3-B, 4-A and 4-B.

i feel bad that i took so long making these series of posts, because by the time i finished the last post all the other links were already dead. :[ so i'm offering to re-upload anything people were interested in! to prevent links from dying again, i will try to use mediafire this time for most files.

more specifically, any PV's under 100 mb will be uploaded to mediafire (though i will provide a mirror link from another site if you would like me to, in which case i would appreciate it if you could list the sites you like to download from). anything over 100 mb i will probably upload to sendspace, unless you list other sites that you would prefer me to use.

this is for a limited time, so better ask now rather than later! request away!

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my 21st uploads (PART FOUR-B a.k.a. the last part)! [Thu, Mar 22nd, 2007 at 2:10pm


[ mood | accomplished ]

more than a month after i started this series of posts, i am finally completing the project. i apologize for taking so long, guys! but in my defense, i posted 85 videos complete with previews and comments (even though most of the links are dead now ;_;). i probably could have done more if it weren't for the commenting bit, though.

please check out PART FOUR-A for more videos! ^_^ unfortunately, the links of all the other ones (parts ONE though THREE) have expired. this is why i am now using mediafire, as they do not delete your links. i WILL re-up if you ask, see the note at the bottom of this post for details.

without further ado, here is the last of them! ARTISTS 19-21:

19. W (double you) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
20. YUI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
21. ZONE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(haha, coincidentally all of these artists' names are written in uppercase)

# of ♥ = number of included PV's by that artist

PART FOUR-B: artists 19-21Collapse )

OMG I'M DONE! O_O for a while there it felt like i'd be doing this project forever. not that i won't do anything like it again, i just won't attempt to write comments about this many PV's, post after post...yeah. *dies*

ahem. well, i hope you were all able to find something you liked, or at least tried something new. ^_^ my taste is not exactly indie or unique (and okay, it's a bit predictable sometimes), but i guarantee you'll have fun with a lot of it.

IMPORTANT!!! most of my older sendspace links in the previous parts of this project have finally died. :[ i will re-upload upon request, as long as they're from the 21st uploads series. when you request, do so on this post, NOT on the older posts, because i don't always check older posts. i'll be uploading them to MF unless i can't (MF has a limit of 100mb).

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my 21st uploads (PART FOUR-A) [Fri, Mar 2nd, 2007 at 3:03am


[ mood | rushed ]

this is it! my 21 favorite artists post is coming to a close. please be sure to check out PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE-A and PART THREE-B as i've noticed the links still seem to be active.

this time i've uploaded PV's to either sendspace or mediafire, depending on the size of the file. this part includes ARTISTS 16-21:

16. tommy february6 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
17. tommy heavenly6 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥?
18. utada hikaru ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of included PV's by that artist

PART FOUR-A: artists 16-18Collapse )

i profusely, profusely apologize in advance for taking so long to get this out. truthfully, i've long since had all the PV's uploaded...it's the comments about each of the videos that takes me forever to do! ><

in fact, i've been doing comments on and off for about a week and a half. after finishing comments of 1 or 2 videos i'd get like a writers block...and i'm not writing like a friggen essay or anything! how sad. in any case, i realized that i'm leaving tomorrow (i'm going to texas for a conference) and i won't be back until the 18th, so i freaked and thought, "OMG, i'm not gonna finish the stupid post until i get back in mid-march" and something magic happened - i finished the rest of the comments in like 5 minutes.

so they're a bit rushed (starting from tommy's "heavy starry chain"), but it's better than nothing. PART FOUR-B (the official final part) will come after i get back on the 18th of march. i might be able to work on it during my trip, but i won't promise anything because i don't want to disappoint. again, i have all the videos uploaded, i just need to do the comments...which takes 50x longer than uploading does.

alright, enjoy guys! feel free to share the links with anybody, because i ♥ downloads!

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my 21st uploads (PART THREE-B) [Sun, Feb 18th, 2007 at 12:37am


[ mood | hungry ]

for those of you that looked through PART THREE already, this part does not contain any new PV's. i simply decided to separate PART THREE into two posts. i noticed that the amount of youtube previews were slowing down loading time, even for me (and i have a fast connection). so i thought it might be better to split it into two posts. the rest can be found at PART THREE-A.

i am still uploading PV's for PART FOUR (the last part, which i may also have to split into two), please hold on a bit longer! ^^; it's just taking a while because i have to be considerate of slowing down my fiancé's connection when i upload. it's coming, though! also, i might use mediafire for the rest of my uploads, hope that's okay! i can upload 10 things at a time there, so that'll make things go faster.

this part contains ARTISTS 13-15:

13. otsuka ai ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
14. sweets ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
15. tamaki nami ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

there weren't a lot of downloads from these last few artists. :[ please consider downloading more! i highly recommend all of these artists, really! even if you don't want to download anything, try sharing the links with your friends in forums or something. more downloads keep me happy and motivated to upload more (and commenting helps that too)!

PART THREE-B: artists 13-15Collapse )

check out PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE-A if you haven't already! ^^

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my 21st uploads (PART THREE-A) [Tue, Feb 13th, 2007 at 6:44pm


[ mood | exhausted ]

edit: i've split this part into two!! how can you split a part? simple, the rest can now be found in PART THREE-B! i felt the need to split it to try to help anybody that may have problems loading so many youtube previews on one page.

for previous uploads (and an explanation of what i'm uploading and why), see PART ONE and PART TWO. this part contains ARTISTS 11 & 12:

11. misc. H!P groups ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
12. nakashima mika ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

the further i go down the list the less i seem to be able to narrow down my favorite PV's. so it took me longer to make this post because (as you can see by the number of hearts above) i uploaded more PV's than usual. ^^;

PART THREE-A: artists 11 & 12Collapse )

p.s. i apologize for some of my files not being named properly (capitalization, decorative symbols such as the arrows in nami's daitan ni PV), i'm working on going through those and fixing them accordingly.

IMPORTANT: on PART ONE i had accidentally messed up the links for the two jiriri kiteru videos. ;-; but they're fixed now! so if you tried to download them before and couldn't, you should be able to now. do it quick before they expire!

links: if you have no idea what i mean by H!P / hello! project, see this. also, i've slightly changed the way i judge quality...i found that just "good" and "okay" were too general for me to categorize things as, so i'm now and - (sort of like school grades). for more details on this, see my FAQ.

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my 21st uploads (PART TWO) [Thu, Feb 8th, 2007 at 7:44pm



for more information about this series of posts, see PART ONE. this part includes ARTISTS 6-10:

6. country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) ♥ ♥
7. ºc-ute ♥ ♥
8. do as infinity ♥ ♥
9. hinoi team ♥ ♥
10. morning musume ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

PART TWO: artists 6-10Collapse )

edit: added 4 more morning musume PV's, have 3 more coming. also, got the .avi version of HINOI TEAM's "now and forever" PV up thanks to scarreddragon!

edit 2: 3 more momusu PV's added!

links: if you have no idea what i mean by H!P / hello! project, see this. also, i've slightly changed the way i judge quality...i found that just "good" and "okay" were too general for me to categorize things as, so i'm now and - (sort of like school grades). for more details on this, see my FAQ.
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happy 21st birthday to me~!! (PART ONE) [Tue, Feb 6th, 2007 at 3:14pm


[ mood | chipper ]

yes, today is my birthday! yes, it's on the same day as kawase tomoko / tommy february6 / tommy heavenly6, and YES it's the most awesome day in the world. xD

in celebration, i'm going to go out to a restaurant with my fiancé, then go buy liquor and drink lots. but in celebration that interests YOU guys more, i'm going to be uploading my favorite PV's by 21 of my favorite artists! originally, i was going to upload 21 PV's...but it's too hard to narrow it down to that many. i even had trouble narrowing down the 21 artists.

since uploading takes time and i don't want my birthday to be long gone by the time i finish, i'll be uploading in parts. this part includes ARTISTS 1-5:

1. abe natsumi ♥
2. ayaka ♥ ♥
3. berryz koubou ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
4. boa ♥
5. bump of chicken ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading

previews using youtube, or links to previews on veoh (because i get errors embedding veoh videos...anyone know how to fix?) if not available on youtube.

PART ONE: artists 1-5Collapse )

edit: added 5 more PV's (from berryz koubou and bump of chicken)!

links: if you have no idea what i mean by H!P / hello! project, see this. also, i've slightly changed the way i judge quality...i found that just "good" and "okay" were too general for me to categorize things as, so i'm now and - (sort of like school grades). for more details on this, see my FAQ.

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NANA-related PV's + HINOI TEAM [Thu, Feb 1st, 2007 at 11:54am


[ mood | hungry ]

i've decided my new way to show previews is to use youtube and/or veoh!! for those of you who don't know veoh, it's works just like youtube...except they haven't been sold to a major corporation, so they're not deleting copyrighted material left an right, and not using secret methods to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded. :p

edit: i'm having problems embedding veoh videos, so youtube it is for now. ^^;

NANA anime-related PV'sCollapse )

my favorites are ANNA's rose and OLIVIA's wish. i like a little pain also, but for what it reminds me of.

NANA movie-related PV'sCollapse )

both of mika's songs here are a must! they're not necessarily the best songs to represent BLACKSTONES, but they're great songs all on their own.

edit: added mika's hitoiro PV! ^_^

2 HINOI TEAM PV's (para para versions)Collapse )

i'll upload everything i have from HINOI TEAM and dream (as per request ;D) next time!

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5 jpop PV's; 4 h!p PV's + 1 making of [Fri, Dec 15th, 2006 at 12:21am


[ mood | hungry ]

these are five PV's that i've never seen uploaded on any other jpop communities. hopefully someone will be glad i upped them. :] also, i did screen caps today!! mostly because i feel guilty for dropping them somewhere along the way. ^^; it's just faster to do links-only. maybe i should look for someone to share this community with, to help me take screen captures and also to share their own PV collection. O_O

that's if anybody would be interested. probably not. oh well.

[PV] boa - rock with you
type: mpg size: 152.1 mb quality: good!
comments: i'm not really a fan of boa or her singing style (then why do i keep downloading her? maybe to try to figure it is other people see in her), but this is the first song of hers i've come across that i really loved. it's got an edge to it i didn't expect from her. and i love that she's all over the place! rock it, boa! if you had sticked to this style, i would like you more. also, the set where the dance takes place reminds me of a set from jet li's unleashed movie. i looked it up and there doesn't seem to be any relation. but there's random martial arts at the end of this video, so i'm note entirely convinced it's just a coincidence.

[PV] folder 5 - magical eyes
type: avi size: 40.9 mb quality: iffy
comments: i don't know if it's the quality of the video or if things went wrong starting from production, but as you can see from the screen captures, the lighting coupled with the white outfits doesn't work very well. i uploaded these two videos (see next video) because folder 5 rarely gets shared around in communities. and it's even more rare to find PV's. although i admit i don't really like this PV at all, when i closed my eyes i realized that it actually is a nice song. worth a download? that's up to you!

[PV] folder 5 - stay...
type: mpg size: 42.4 mb quality: so-so / okay
comments: i like this PV of theirs much better! mostly because it's easier on the eyes. hey, if i wasn't all about the visuals i wouldn't be addicted to PV's! it's a cute song, has some nice moves and pretty close-ups. it's a tad bit simplistic for my taste (and i wish the video quality was a bit better), but considering they're not very popular, i think it's acceptable. :] if you've been curious about these girls (like i'd been, this and the PV above are my first sample of folder 5), then give it a click!

[PV] otsuka ai - kingyo hanabi
type: mpg size: 35.1 mb quality: so-so / okay
comments: i might have wrote that the quality was "okay," except that this is an otsuka ai PV. she's extremely popular, i'm certain there's a better quality version out there somewhere. unfortunately, i don't have it. ><; and that makes me sad, because this is a very pretty song with very pretty PV, and i'm certain it would be one of my favorites if i could only fight a higher quality version! don't like my i-love-this-PV-so-much-i-want-it-in-perfect-quality behavior fool you though, it's definitely worth downloading if you like otsuka ai and you haven't seen this PV before. get it now!

[PV] ueto aya - afuresou na ai daite
type: avi size: 34.3 mb quality: good
comments: i'm surprised how infrequently people upload ueto aya PV's. she has a good voice and an interesting style. unfortunately, this isn't my favorite song by her, but all the pretty things to look at make it up to me! this PV is filled with pretty, refreshing visuals. and i have the feeling that it's the type of song that will grow on me, too. anyway, there isn't enough ueto going around, so you should take it while you can!

since the h!p PV's i uploaded were from answering requests, i don't have any screen shots, sorry. ^^; but if you want recommendations, definitely go for ambitious! if you haven't heard it before. it's a must!

[PV] country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) - shining itoshiki anata
type: avi size: 49.9 mb quality: good!
comments: okay, i lied! xD i did have screen captures for this one, but only because i had taken them as a quality check for the person i uploaded it for. if i had known i'd be making this post, i would have chosen better shots. :[ sorry! anyway, my hello! project tastes have recently started expanding into country musume (how could i have resisted another group featuring konkon and mikitty for so long?) and biyuuden. this song is not uwaki-caliber, but it certainly is very sweet and the PV is a big step up from the cg-background! they're wearing very cute outfits, i approve. if you're just wanting to sample country musume first, you should definitely look up uwaki na honey pie first (for the song more than the PV...though i think it's cute too)! this is a mellow american 50's type song, and i don't want you to get the idea that they're always like this. but if you're open to what i described, try it! :]

[PV] morning musume - ambitious! yashinteki de iijan
[PV] morning musume - ambitious! yashinteki de iijan (dance shot ver.)
[PV] morning musume - osaka koi no uta (dance shot ver.)
[MAKING] morning musume - namida tomaranai houkago

also, NEW AND IMPROVED PV LIST!! not really new and improved, just thought that would catch your attention. xD;; i added about 45 PV's that weren't there before! take a look, and feel free to request (as long as you don't go over-board)!

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winter themed PV's [Mon, Dec 11th, 2006 at 4:29pm


everyone is getting into the spirit, so i guess i should, too! ^_~ all of the following PV's are winter and/or x-mas themed.

merry holidays and happy winter, everyone!

[PV] Hamasaki Ayumi - No Way To Say
[PV] Nakashima Mika - Yuki no Hana
[PV] SweetS - Love like candy floss
[PV] Tamaki Nami - Shining Star ☆Wasurenaikara☆
[PV] Tommy heavenly6 - I ♥ Xmas
[PV] dream / SweetS / fruitpunch - I love dream world ~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~ (1st Xmas)

if you really want to get into the x-mas spirit, i recommend i love dream world (the japanese the text reads "~sekaijuu no shiawase wo utaou~," fyi) and tommy's i ♥ xmas. i love tommy!! *dreamy sigh*

note: i added kimura kaela's you to the last rotation!
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kimura kaela & ayaka [Thu, Dec 7th, 2006 at 8:21pm


here are all the PV's i have by two artists that i have grown very fond of: kimura kaela, with a unique style, quirky personality, and hard-to-come-by voice, and ayaka the artist of the moment with the talent to keep her on top. ayaka also seems to be showing a good range of music style, so i look forward to more by her. :]

i recommend everything here, but if you want to try the artists out first, i'd say go for magic music and real voice first.

[PV] kimura kaela - tree climbers
[PV] kimura kaela - magic music
[PV] kimura kaela - beat
[PV] kimura kaela - you added: 12/11/06
[PV] kimura kaela - circle added: 12/20/06 - link thanks to megalon75
[LIVE] kimura kaela - magic music (hey! x3) added: 12/20/06 - link thanks to megalon75
[PV] ayaka - i believe
[PV] ayaka - melody ~sounds real~
[PV] ayaka - real voice
[PV] ayaka - mikazuki
[PV] ayaka - mikazuki (new ver.)

note: both versions of the mikazuki PV feature the same song. they're both very simple videos, but if you were only going to download one of them, i'd go for the new version. in the first version, ayaka is on a rowboat in some sort of cove. she's also wearing her hair down and you hardly ever get to see her face. in the new version, she is sitting on a light post looking over the city (chobits, much?), as the camera pans back and forth. like i said, both version are very simple PV's, but i like the latter better because evertime i watch it i wonder how they filmed it, and ayaka is also dressed much cuter in that one. :]
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leftover h!p PV's [Mon, Nov 27th, 2006 at 5:36pm



i haven't been uploading much because it slows down my fiance's connection when i do. :/ it sucks for him when he's playing online games...but i have a few leftovers for you! ^^ all hello! project because it's what people requested.

[PV] ºc-ute - ookina ai de motenashite
[PV] sexy otonajan - onna, kanashii, otona
[PV] morning musume - do it! now
[PV] morning musume - sexy boy ~soyo kaze ni yorisoutte~ (dance shot ver.)
[PV] w - koi no fuga
[PV] w - southpaw
[PV] w - shiroi wa koibito no iro
[PV] w - aa ii na!

since i haven't posted anything in a while, anyone that reads this can request....say, 5 PV's. :D i exported my PV list here. it's not totally up-to-date because i recently downloaded a few PV's (namely YUI - rollin' star, tommy heavenly6 - i ♥ xmas and biyuuden - aisucream to my purin), but it's recent enough. ^^

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a few more PV's [Thu, Oct 12th, 2006 at 12:49pm



this time non-h!p! ^_^ not that i think h!p is bad (in fact, i'm obsessed with it), it's just that i like giving variety if i can. i uploaded some h!p on my last update, here, if you missed it!

[PV] otsuka ai - cherish
[PV] otsuka ai - yumekui (animated)
[PV] ito yuna - losin'
[PV] tommy heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl (Full Ver.) [runtime 00:10:31]
[PV] tommy heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl (Short Ver.) [00:05:52]

the main difference between the full and short versions of tommy's new PV is the full intro, full outro and some interludes in between (like the scene introducing tommy february6). these are quite seperate from the song itself in that it's a different (more simple) tune, and very obviously halloween-themed (which was the point of the single). in both versions tommy heavenly6 and february6 do their duet (although february6 is edgier than we're used to), so you don't miss out on that. :] i can't say this is my favorite of what she's done lately, but this girl can do no wrong for me. so i love it.

there is a very scary/creepy bunny in this video. you have been warned!
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a few PV's, testing a new upload site! [Tue, Oct 10th, 2006 at 6:57pm



more hello! project stuff, it's just what people tend to request from me. ^^; i'm planning to update my lists and open requests! but the offer will be limited to a certain number, so be sure to reply ASAP with your requests when i post about it.

[PV] kusumi koharu - koi☆kana
[PV] fujimoto miki - boogie train '03
[PV] GAM - Melodies [sendspace]
[PV] GAM - Melodies [quicksharing] *
[PV] morning musume - namida tomaranai houkago [quicksharing] *
[MAKING] morning musume - namida tomaranai houkago [sendspace]
[MAKING] morning musume - namida tomoranai houkago [quicksharing] *

WARNING! GAM PV contains more touching than you may be comfortable with! you might want to shield the eyes of any children in the room. xD also, it cuts off about 10 seconds from the end, but that's the only version i've seen for download anywhere. sorry, i'll re-up when i find a complete version!

* = i'm testing out http://quicksharing.com/ . i'd appreciate it if you used that download and let me know if you have any problems, or if it's a crappy-ass-slow download or something! edit: when you download the files, does it replace the spaces and such with underscores ( _ )? that's annoying. might go back to sendspace just for that. the best pro quicksharing has (that i know of) is that you can download more than 1 file at a time. however, the con is that i can only upload one file at a time (with sendspace i can up 5), which means it takes me longer to upload things, which means i'm less likely to upload a lot. this is difficult.
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lots of PV's!! [Fri, Sep 29th, 2006 at 1:05pm


[ mood | drinking ]

since the votes were kind of split, i just decided to upload a whole bunch of crap! xD

first up we have tommy a.k.a. kawase tomoko's complete videography (as a soloist)!!

tommy february6
[PV] Bloomin'! *
[PV] je t'aime ★ je t'aime *
[PV] Love is forever *
[PV] MaGic in youR Eyes
[PV] L•O•V•E•L•Y ~Yumemiru LOVELY BOY~
[PV] ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥

tommy heavenly6
[PV] Wait 'Till I Can Dream
[PV] Swear
[PV] Hey My Friend
[PV] Ready? *
[PV] +gothic Pink+ *
[PV] I'm Gonna SCREAM+ *
[PV] Pray *

next is the complete collection of hello! project summer shuffles! 2006 shuffles have not been released, and it is uncertain whether there will even be any. for more information on summer shuffles, go here.

2000 shuffles
[PV] Akagumi 4 - Akkai Nikichou
[PV] Aoiro 7 - Aoi Sports Car no Otoko
[PV] Kiiro 5 - Kiiroi Sora de BOOM BOOM BOOM

2001 shuffles
[PV] 3nin Matsuri - Chu! Natsu Party
[PV] 7nin Matsuri - Summer Raggae! Rainbow
[PV] 10nin Matsuri - Dancing! Natsu Matsuri

2002 shuffles
[PV] Happy 7 - Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!
[PV] Odoru 11 - Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo
[PV] Sexy 8 - Shiawase Desu Ka?

2003 shuffles
[PV] 7 Air - Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no *
[PV] 11 Water - BE ALL RIGHT! *
[PV] Salt 5 - Get Up! Rapper *

2004 shuffle
[PV] H.P. All Stars - All for One & One for All *

2005 shuffles
[PV] Elegies - Inshouha Renoir no You ni *
[PV] PuriPuri Pink - Hitoshizeru Mune wo Kanazeru
[PV] Sexy Otonajan - Onna, Kanashii, Otona *

and because someone wanted pv's with choreography, here's some tamaki nami! she has choreography in all her videos (save heroine and sanctuary, which i didn't upload). ^^

tamaki nami
[PV] Believe *
[PV] Shining Star ☆Wasurenaikara☆
[PV] Daitan ni Ikimashou ↑Heart&Soul↑ *
[PV] Get Wild
[PV] Prayer
[PV] Reason
[PV] Result

* = my personal favorites

i tried to list everything in the order they were released. let me know if i got anything wrong. ^^; enjoy!!

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leftovers [Sun, Sep 17th, 2006 at 11:01am


[ mood | groggy ]

i've been uploading a bunch of stuff for people lately and i figured it would be a shame not to post it here. so enjoy!! ^^

the goods:
[MAKING] morning musume - sexy boy ~soyo kaze ni yorisoutte~ [sendspace]
[PV] berryz koubou - special generation [sendspace]
[PV] kusumi koharu (of morning musume) - koi☆kana [sendspace]
[PV] matsuura aya - ne~e [sendspace]
[PV] morning musume - ganbacchae [sendspace]
[PV] morning musume - iroppoi jirettai [sendspace]
[PV] morning musume - koi no dance site [sendspace]
[PV] morning musume - sexy boy ~soyo kaze ni yorisoutte~ [sendspace]
[PV] w - aa ii na! [sendspace]

it's all hello! project, once again. sorry. the reason i've only bee uploading h!p pv's is because i moved my jpop folder to a temporary drive, which is currently packed away in a box (forget which one...). the only non-h!p PV's i have (because they were in seperate folders), are by the following artist: tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, utada hikaru, and ZONE. i also have miscellaneous PV's that have been uploaded in the jpop_uploads recently, which i usually don't upload for that very reason.

note: the "misc PV's" i download are always female bands/soloists, the only male band PV's i own are that of BUMP OF CHICKEN (pretty low quality, though). i also don't/hardly have any: hamasaki ayumi, koda kumi, kuraki mai, namie amuro (not a big fan).

so, poll time!!

Poll #823281 help me help you!

which, if any, of the following artists would prefer to see me upload PV's for?

tommy february6
tommy heavenly6
anything tommy!
utada hikaru
more hello! project, plz.
none of these, really...
the recent stuff!

if you chose the last option, is there anything in particular you're looking for?

if i have any of the specific PV's you ask for, i will definitely upload them. ^^ but the chances of that i have them are low to begin with, so sorry if i don't...
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new hello! project PV [Thu, Aug 10th, 2006 at 1:19am


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some background info:
GAM is hello! project's newest group. it consists of two talented and beautiful girls: soloist matsuura aya and current morning musume member (also a former soloist) fujimoto miki. this song is for a movie entitled sukeban deka iv, which ayaya herself stars in. GAM isn't the prettiest sounding name, i know, but please keep in mind that it stands for great aya & miki, and not gay asian male. x_x;; as it says in the wiki article, tsunku (producer) found out after he chose the name that "gam" is a slang for "legs" in english (though i've never heard that), and so that is their "theme."

[PV] GAM - thanks!
type: avi size: 70 mb quality: good
comments: i personally like this song! i've heard people say mixed things about it, but the fact that they don't say "thank you" in english was enough to convince me that it wasn't going to be cheezy. i'm not a fan of the pink background, but the other two settings (in front of the lights and on the sofa) balance that. i'm more of a mikitty fan, and i personally think she's great in this video. ;D ayaya is good too, and all-in-all i enjoyed this. i hope this won't be a one-time thing for them, i'd like to see more GAM!

110 screen caps of this PV!

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hello! project PV's [Tue, Aug 8th, 2006 at 5:31pm


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mostly berryz, it just so happens that people were asking for them recently. ^^

[PV] berryz koubou - happiness ~koufuku kengai~
[PV] berryz koubou - jiriri kiteru
[PV] berryz koubou - jiriri kiteru (dance shot version)
[PV] berryz koubou - priri to yukou
[PV] berryz koubou - special generation
[PV] w - robokiss

jiriri kiteru is the most recent out of this batch, and the least cutesy out of all of these. ^^ i love the dance shot version, by the way! i recommend it if you like dancing in videos.

p.s. sorry i haven't been sharing much lately. it's more because i don't know what to upload than anything else.

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my once tcg collection! [Sat, Jul 8th, 2006 at 8:50pm


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my in dreams tcg collection! [Tue, Jun 27th, 2006 at 10:18am


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