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my 21st uploads (PART TWO)

for more information about this series of posts, see PART ONE. this part includes ARTISTS 6-10:

6. country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) ♥ ♥
7. ºc-ute ♥ ♥
8. do as infinity ♥ ♥
9. hinoi team ♥ ♥
10. morning musume ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

# of ♥ = number of PV's by that artist
( ♥ ) = currently uploading


download: [PV] country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) - uwaki na honey pie (link updated)
size: 64.14 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: okay, so i'm not hardcore and i don't listen to a lot of country musume prior to konno and fujimoto joining them ('cept for a couple PV's when ishikawa was with them). but seeing as how konkon and mikitty are two of my favorite H!P members, can you really blame me? plus, this song is another one of those that's like a staple of H!P. very catchy, the kind that you love more the more you hear it! and who cares about cheesy CG backgrounds in a PV when the girls are so cute?

download: [PV] country musume (ni konno to fujimoto) - shining itoshiki anata (link updated)
size: 49.94 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is a 50's style song that suits country musume very well, particularly with miki's voice in the lead. mikitty, YOU are shining and you can sing some american-style 50's songs for me anytime.

7. ºC-UTE / ºC-ute

download: [PV] ºc-ute - ookina ai de motenashite
size: 53.2 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: okay, so berryz koubou will always be my favorite of the H!P kids, but º guys deserve much more recognition than you've been getting. i want more PV's from you guys!! so, this is another catchy song for you guys. it can be a little too catchy, especially the chorus. but it's the rest of the song that makes this one great! airi's vocals make this song very special (you'll notice airi...she gets the most close-ups out of all the girls), it just wouldn't be the same without her.

download: [PV] ºc-ute - soku dakishimete
size: 55.53 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is a song that i didn't notice how great it was until i heard it for the third time. i think i was too busy thinking about how they could have much cuter outfits and thinking, "oh, another CG background.." but you know what?! i don't care anymore because this song is a lot of fun! xD and the girls are super cute in this PV, i just want to crawl through the screen and dance with them!

8. DO AS INFINITY / Do As Infinity

preview: link to video on VEOH
(not available on youtube)

download: [PV] do as infinity - rakuen
size: 169.23 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: for you guys that aren't into the cutesy stuff, i introduce do as infinity! their music is quite the opposite, almost dramatic. i often think that if i went on a roadtrip, i'd want to listen to them for sure. especially during a sunset or something. anyway, this was the first PV of theirs i downloaded, and it's still my favorite. and i love the PV too...i'm sure it's some sort of special effects, but it really looks like they're performing on a cliffside...perfect for this song.

download: [PV] do as infinity - hi no ataru sakamichi
size: 67.8 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: i have similar comments about this one (dramatic, roadtrip material), their music just makes me want to get in touch with nature or something (because it's profound, i'm not saying they're cheesy). the PV has a surreal quality to it although it looks like it was done on a low any case, it's a very good song, so if you like "rakuen," be sure to get this one too. also, watch for the random miniature pony! i like the visuals they used in that part of the PV better than the rest.


download: [PV] hinoi team - now and forever
size: 118 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: i like this song and PV because it's a little different from their usual. for one, it's not a cover and it's not eurobea either. also, they don't do para dancing in this one (as much as i love para para, hinoi just doesn't do as well as the para para allstars). they call it "hip hop dancing" on their wiki page, though i think they're using the term liberally.

preview: link to video on VEOH
(not available on youtube)

download: [PV] hinoi team - now and forever (dance ver.)
size: 119.87 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: sometimes i prefer watching this version over the regular. the dance is interesting enough, and the regular PV has an effect that makes it look like it's skipping sometimes. also, don't you think the girls look a lot older than 15 in this PV? i'd say they look 19-20, at least. they certainly got make-overs after "ike ike."

10. MORNING MUSUME / モーニング娘。

download: [PV] morning musume - chokkan 2 ~nogashita sakana wa ookii zo!~
size: 89.06 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: they had me at "nogashita." meaning, i became a sucker for morning musume as soon as i heard this song. xD it has so much energy! and some of the funnest close-up shots ever! i can't imagine what it must be like to be in a concert during this song. and okay, i'm not a fan of reina...but she gets the best line (the one that sounds all robotic) and she delivers it well. if you have never heard this or are unfamiliar with morning musume, download this!!

download: [PV] morning musume - iroppoi jirettai
size: 100.83 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: i have to admit that the first time i heard this it didn't really strike me. however, it quickly climed to the top of my favorites list! it's among their best choreography (just keep an eye on their hips! O_O), and everyone gets a good line in (except maybe sayumi, but she doesn't count). cute asian girls with some latin-style just genius! it's sexy, but not too sexy (considering the age of some of the girls). nice change of pace for them, i think.

download: [PV] morning musume - love machine (short ver.) (link updated)
size: 100.83 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: by "short version" i just mean that it doesn't have the lengthy introduction. i don't know if it's actually called the short version (probably not), but that's what i named it. in any case....if ever there was a hello! project classic, it's this one! morning musume's break-through single. probably their most well-known song ever, seeing as how it's their all-time best-selling single. it's extremely fun, a great introduction into the world of H!P. this song has a tendency of getting anybody energized and excited for the rest of the day!

download: [PV] morning musume - mr. moonlight ~ai no big band~
size: 93 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: a very fun and up beat swing-style song! nacchi, gocchin and yossi sing the leads, and they're a great combo. one of those songs that makes you want to get up and dance around. morning musume can do that a lot. ;D

download: [PV] morning musume - osaka koi no uta (link updated)
size: 62 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: since i have so many of their up beat, energetic PV's up here i thought i should show that they can do something very different. this is a song about dissolving love, and you don't have to read the translations to get that. i think it's a lot harder to express pain in a song than it is to express energy. sometimes i think i listen to this just to hear the way risa delivers that one small line at around 2:10. i love this song and PV...but i have one complaint...someone fix yossi's hair!! >_< risa's could be better, too.

download: [PV] morning musume - roman ~my dear boy~
size: 74 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: maybe not as up beat, but uplifting all the same! there's something about this song i can't quite put my finger on. the PV too...the shiny dancing costumes are quirky-cool and unique. and the outfits they wear in the other scenes are casual-cool! they all look great in this one (though rika's eyes scare me), i get happy whenever it comes on. :]

download: [PV] morning musume - renai revolution 21
size: 111 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: this was my birthday theme song, so i had to include it! xD i learned the dance and everything, hee. i have to say that the fluffy outfits are some of the most god-awful i've seen, but at least the black ones are okay. and the song is a good example of their usual fun attitude! it was done in the year 2000 as a tribute to the new century...but it makes a good birthday song, i say. xD maybe i should pick H!P songs as my birthday theme every year.

download: [PV] morning musume - shabondama
size: 64 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: this is definitely in my top 3 favorites. xD don't ask me where exactly it falls and what the other ones are, because i haven't figured that out. so this is another PV that changes the pace a bit because it's a break-up song! so it's not exactly up beat, but it's certainly got energy and passion. but more than that, i think this is one of those songs that you sing at the top of your lungs when no one else is arround. i love those. oddly enough, i think a lot of people (including me) didn't take to the song immediately. i suppose it's because we're not used to hearing momusu girls sing this way...but the more i heard it, the more i thought they should do it more often! anyway, download it if you like singing like you're mad at someone (like me). xD

download: [PV] morning musume - the☆peace! (link updated)
size: 124 mb type: .avi quality: good +
comments: i'm crazy about this song and PV!!! xD it's so strange and fun. why strange? they pose next to toilets, and at the end the restroom turns into a disco with glowing urinals. and they sing about whether to get a medium or large pizza (pizza!). it's just...great all over. DOWNLOAD NOW.

edit: added 4 more morning musume PV's, have 3 more coming. also, got the .avi version of HINOI TEAM's "now and forever" PV up thanks to scarreddragon!

edit 2: 3 more momusu PV's added!

links: if you have no idea what i mean by H!P / hello! project, see this. also, i've slightly changed the way i judge quality...i found that just "good" and "okay" were too general for me to categorize things as, so i'm now and - (sort of like school grades). for more details on this, see my FAQ.
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