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my 21st uploads (PART FOUR-B a.k.a. the last part)!

more than a month after i started this series of posts, i am finally completing the project. i apologize for taking so long, guys! but in my defense, i posted 85 videos complete with previews and comments (even though most of the links are dead now ;_;). i probably could have done more if it weren't for the commenting bit, though.

please check out PART FOUR-A for more videos! ^_^ unfortunately, the links of all the other ones (parts ONE though THREE) have expired. this is why i am now using mediafire, as they do not delete your links. i WILL re-up if you ask, see the note at the bottom of this post for details.

without further ado, here is the last of them! ARTISTS 19-21:

19. W (double you) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
20. YUI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
21. ZONE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(haha, coincidentally all of these artists' names are written in uppercase)

# of ♥ = number of included PV's by that artist

19. W / W (ダブルユー)

download: w - koi no vacance
size: 94.97 mb type: .mp4 quality: good +
comments: the quality of this is actually really good, the only problem is that some players have problems playing this file correctly. but if you have VLC (which you should have anyway), you're good! as for the song itself, it's THE best by W in my opinion. not too cute, not too slow. it's very catchy and fun, and i believe it's a cover of an oldie (they did a lot of those), originally by the peanuts, and quite frankly W's version is SO much better. actually, the worse thing i can say about this song/PV is that it's too short!

and no, they're not twins. people that see these girls for the first time tend to think that. and this PV makes it even more confusing because they mirror the video sometimes (during close-ups), so that you're actually seeing the same girl twice.

download: w - shoroi wa koibito no iro
size: 70.83 mb type: .avi quality: okay +
comments: okay, so this is probably one of the more simple videos on the face of the earth, but it doesn't matter with these girls. listen to them, godamnit, they sound like angels! they can harmonize like nobody's business, and even though there are probably people that can do it better they can at least out-cute them. in any case, if you're ever in the mood to listen to something sweet and relaxing, go with this. ^_^

oh, and this is another cover of an oldie, originally done by 'betsy & chris. haven't heard the original, so can't give you a comparison.

download: w - southpaw
size: 36.69 mb type: .mpg quality: good
comments: yup, you guessed it...another cover of an oldie! this one was originally by pink lady...i think i heard the original, because i remember thinking that i liked W's version better. this is one of my favorite W songs (and although the PV is a bit cheesy with the 3D backgrounds, the cute ending is totally worth it), it's especially fun to sing along with, particularly whe it gets to the "HUUUURIIIIIIIICAAAANE" bit. xD to sum it up, if you like fun and energetic give it a try!

download: w - koi no fuga
size: 31.64 mb type: .avi quality: okay +
comments: it's so easy to say "one of my favorites by them," because i love a lot of W's music. xD so i'll try not to say it this time, but it's a really good song! the video is pretty cool too, especially with the silhouette scenes. also, if you have a close friend that's into jpop this is one of those dances that you'd probably have fun trying. :D this another one that's too short...but i guess songs used to be shorter, so it reflects when people cover them. yes, this is also a cover of an oldie by the peanuts (same girls who did the original "koi no vacance").

download: w - robokiss (happy ver.)
size: 31.64 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: i will upload the regular version of this PV if anyone wants it (in which berryz koubou dances in the background), but i really wanted to put this one up for one reason: aibon (in blue) and nono (in pink) are CUTE, funny and so great together! i love this version just to watch them be adorable. ^.^ the song is catchy, but really i like the footage more than the song.

download: w - miss love tantei
size: 31.64 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: although at first i didn't particularly like this single, it has grown on me like crazy. i can't help but get excited on the part after the rap interlude, that line of aibon's is the best part! ^_^ as for the PV, the dance is nice and it's cute on some parts, but it's not my favorite. but i *love* aibon's look in this one, for once i think she looks better than nono in her outfit! the hairstyle is nice, too, i like it better than the usual pigtails. ^_^ i read somewhere that this was going to be the start of a more mature style for W, so if that's the case i'm really looking forward to W's next works when/if they come back!

this is W's latest single/PV, though it was still released over a year ago. this is mostly due to the fact that in february of 2006, aibon was caught in a scandal for smoking while underage, just before the release of W's next single and 3rd album. she was suspended indefinitely, which turned out to be a full year...only recently did H!P announce that aibon would be working as a receptionist in the agency, and then work her way back up to singing again. the new single and album were put on hold and have yet to be released. i want aibon and W back, so badly! ;_;

p.s. you might notice from a couple of their videos, they do two peace signs together to spell out "W." it's cute! like this --> ^.^ vv ^.^

20. YUI / YUI

download: yui - tomorrow's way
size: 61.26 mb type: .avi quality: okay
comments: i think this video was trying to convey something deeper than YUI's usual PV (where it's mostly shots of YUI playing her guitar, but she doesn't need much more than that because she's very pretty and her voice is enough to keep anyone captivated), but i don't know what it is even though i like the video. i haven't looked up the lyric translations though, so that could be why. ^^ but none of that matters, because YUI's voice is mesmerizing (just read wiki page about the response from executives when they first heard her), unique, memorable and so beautiful. i literally love ALL of her music, but i was forced to narrow it down for this post.

i must also mention that YUI's specialty (in my opinion) is to have at least one line in her song (usually near or in the chorus) that you wait for. it's just a line that sticks in your head, and you love it and anticipate it everyone time you play it. this song is no exception!

download: yui - life
size: 78.59 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is the song that made YUI more well-known for two reasons: 1) because it was featured as an opening song for the popular anime bleach and 2) because it's AWESOME. it's upbeat and uplifting, YUI really works well with and without a band...but with a band really brings more energy to her music. i don't really have to say much about the song actually, because i know you'll like it.

download: yui for amane kaoru - good-bye days
size: 117.80 mb type: .mpg quality: good
comments: this was YUI's single for the movie she was in, taiyou no uta, in which she played a girl who was a street singer by night. this is her character's song in the movie as well, and so it was released under the name "YUI for amane kaoru." the PV includes scenes and some dialogue from the movie. ^^ i haven't seen it yet but i will, it seems like it'd be good! non-movie scenes in the PV include her in a recording studio and of some cute animation that i assume relates to the movie. i like the way the song can go from being very powerful vocally to almost subtle. also, the way she contorts her face when she hits the high notes is adorable.

download: yui - i remember you
size: 82.58 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: this is my favorite of YUI's slower paced songs. it's a bitter-sweet song that i can identify with a lot, but even before i read the translations i loved this song. there's something about the way that she sings it that conveys the message. i read that this song/PV is tied with the movie she did, taiyou no uta (see previous video, "good-bye days"), which explains the surfboard moment that i thought was cute but didn't understand, yet it wasn't released under the name "for amane kaoru." and the message also said that it was YUI's song saying good-bye to that character.

it's a very peaceful-feeling video. there's something i'm curious about, though...there are some scenes with her singing on a rooftop where birds fly past her in the background several times. i wonder, is it coincidental that the spot they chose had birds constantly flying behind her, or did they scout out a spot where there would be lots of birds flying, or did they control the whole situation and set the birds off themselves? i guess there's no way to know, but i wonder.

download: yui - rolling star
size: 136.36 mb type: .avi quality: good
comments: did i mention how much i love this girl? in this PV she shows how hot she is, both with a new ready-to-rock look and showing off her skills on her shiny electric guitar. this song is FANTASTIC, the type that you put in if you need an energy boost. the PV is pretty cool too. while she's singing, things in the background go in slow motion and random objects float around her. i also like the contrast of the two main scenes - with the band agianst a white background, and then alone in a room that looks like it's barely lit. i can only honestly say this about a few artists, so take it as you will: YUI can do no wrong.

download: yui - cher.r.y
size: 144.69 mb type: .mpg quality: okay +
comments: latest YUI single/PV! the first time i heard this song i thought, "it's nice, nothing special though." three hours later the song was playing repeatedly in my head (especially the "oh, oh, oh" part - you'll know what i mean if you watch it), so i had to watch it again. 30 minutes later i had to watch it again. then i was just watching it several times a day and i had to admit that even though i couldn't put my finger on it, there's something about "cher.r.y" that i can't put my finger on that does make it special. like i said back in my comment about "tomorrow's way," there's that one line in her songs that will always get you! this was no exception.

it's a light, pleasant song, very fitting for spring. as for the PV, i guess after "rolling star" they didn't want to revert back to the usual format (that's my theory, anyway), so this one is a bit er...interesting. she sits at a window in forest-y environment, surrounded by fake animals that creep me out a bit (can't help but think of a snow white with that scene for some reason) and sings to them. in the other scenes she's walking against against a blank screen, and drawings start forming her backdrop (which only adds to the care-free aura of the song). in the beginning and end there are shots of her sleeping, so i'm guessing that we're seeing what she's dreaming? i think it would have worked better if the animals came to life and sang with her, then we could have been deduced that she smoked something before falling asleep and it would have made sense then. whatever, the PV can make no sense and i'll still love it because of YUI's presence.

random: i LOVE the title of the song and how it's written. ^____^


download: zone - good days
size: 83.64 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: this is from 2001 (ZONE's first non-indie single), so i ask that you please don't judge on what they're wearing. ._.; don't worry, i've already shot the stylist. but listen to them! they're only like 15 years old, but they actually play their own instruments (though this PV isn't a good place to see that, they're too busy dancing the routine...don't worry, they don't do that in other PV's), they sing well and they're charismatic as hell. these girls are AWESOME. unfortunately, all good things must come to an end...they disbanded in 2005. *sigh* i'm still depressed about that. maiko (the bassist) is the only one we really still see around, she's in the band MARIA which you might have seen around.

anyway, this is a very feel-good song so, when you're in the mood for it, it'll definitely going to get you jumping around. this is also one of the few songs that uses all the girls vocals through most of the song, in their later works the vocals are dominated by lead vocalist, miyu (not that it's really a bad thing, miyu has a great voice...and maiko and takayo do get solos here and there, and everyone gets some solo songs in the albums). a word of caution: don't be fooled and think you know ZONE's style by hearing one or two songs. if there's any one word you can hook onto them it's versatility. they do great upbeat and happy, but they also have some heartfelt emotional ballads, and they may just take you by surprise with how well they fit into a more alternative rock style, too.

download: zone - akashi
size: 72.05 mb type: .mpg quality: okay
comments: okay, this is a video where you can see for yourself how well they play their instruments. this PV even has versions that just focus on each of the girls while they play/sing, though i only have the mizuho version (girl on drums), which i could upload if anyone wants it even though the quality isn't great. this is one of their songs that has more of a rock sound to it...and i like their style in the PV too. i love miyu in this one most, actually, a combination of the lighting and her hair and the way she performs the song. it's a good song, try it out! :D

download: zone - shiroi hana
size: 72.05 mb type: .mpg quality: okay -
comments: i love both of the main parts of this song so much. the melody of the song is soft at first, and then the instruments come and turn the song in a different direction, which i like just as much as the soft part of the melody. the PV has a sort of melancholy feel to it with the snow and the sort of depressed state the girls seem to be in, but when the band starts playing they just come to life and that's what i love about the video and the song. not to mention miyu's outfit with the scarf and the boots....if i could pull that look off, i'd be doing it everyday. anyway, download the song, it's nice. xD i never get tired of it too, i set it as my ringtone.

download: zone - sotsugyou
size: 170.9 mb type: .mpg quality: good -
comments: "sotsugyou" means graduation in japanese, and that is exactly what this song and PV is all about! it's a graduation song, but with that in mind it's actually not cheesy. it's just carefree and fun, very fitting of the image of friends during graduation time. i actually really like the PV's style (though i really don't think they needed the graduation outfits), first they're in a revolving platform with a sakura tree and on other scenes they fill the background with scribbles and the sort of thing you'd see in a yearbook, which i think is a nice touch that's a bit more subtle than the "look, diplomas!" thing which they also did. lol. it's a good song too, but if i had their PV for "secret base ~kimi ga kureta mono~" i probably would have uploaded that one instead. though i like "sotsugyou"'s PV better (which is really the point of these posts anyway), "secret base" is a really good song which i wish i had so i could upload it for you guys. :[ maybe next time!

btw, one of the guitarists, takayo, left to concentrate on school and was replaced with tomoka (a girl who was one of the original members of ZONE before their first inidie single, when they were down-sized from 8 members to 4). it was sad, but at least they didn't get a total stranger to come in her place. so takayo is the guitarist in the first 3 PV's i uploaded here, and tomoka is the guitarist in this one and the next one...

download: zone - taiyou no kiss
size: 211.53 mb type: .mpg quality: good
comments: ah, this song is so much fun!! xD i'm definitely not a summertime kind of girl, but this PV makes me wish i was sometimes. it's absolutely a great song to listen to on a sunny day, even if you plan on staying indoors (because i know i would if it's sunny outside). it's just the energy about it. i really love the scenes of the girls playing around with the paint, and when they play together on the can tell they got along well. this is also the PV that made me fall in love with the drummer, mizuho, just keep an eye on her. if any of you watch the TV show pop japan tv, you might have seen this PV before. ^^ it's where i first saw it, and also where i first saw ZONE.

OMG I'M DONE! O_O for a while there it felt like i'd be doing this project forever. not that i won't do anything like it again, i just won't attempt to write comments about this many PV's, post after post...yeah. *dies*

ahem. well, i hope you were all able to find something you liked, or at least tried something new. ^_^ my taste is not exactly indie or unique (and okay, it's a bit predictable sometimes), but i guarantee you'll have fun with a lot of it.

IMPORTANT!!! most of my older sendspace links in the previous parts of this project have finally died. :[ i will re-upload upon request, as long as they're from the 21st uploads series. when you request, do so on this post, NOT on the older posts, because i don't always check older posts. i'll be uploading them to MF unless i can't (MF has a limit of 100mb).
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