jen (moon_of_ice) wrote in jenvie,

winter themed PV's

everyone is getting into the spirit, so i guess i should, too! ^_~ all of the following PV's are winter and/or x-mas themed.

merry holidays and happy winter, everyone!

[PV] Hamasaki Ayumi - No Way To Say
[PV] Nakashima Mika - Yuki no Hana
[PV] SweetS - Love like candy floss
[PV] Tamaki Nami - Shining Star ☆Wasurenaikara☆
[PV] Tommy heavenly6 - I ♥ Xmas
[PV] dream / SweetS / fruitpunch - I love dream world ~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~ (1st Xmas)

if you really want to get into the x-mas spirit, i recommend i love dream world (the japanese the text reads "~sekaijuu no shiawase wo utaou~," fyi) and tommy's i ♥ xmas. i love tommy!! *dreamy sigh*

note: i added kimura kaela's you to the last rotation!
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